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Protect and Showcase Dolls, Tall Ship, Boat, Relic, Antique Toy, Collectible Train, Scale Model, Diorama Creation, Trophy or any other collectibles!


We realize your goal is to display your collectible as well as protect and preserve it, so your display case needs ventilation. To not provide some type of ventilation would be a mistake. So, in order to accomplish this your display case has felt cushion pads located underneath the top cover and between the bottom frame and base. This allows for adequate free air ventilation to enter and help retard deterioration. Even the glass slots are designed and cut to allow additional free air to enter your display case on a daily bases.


After everything else you will need to move your collectible and display case at some time to clean, do a little painting or simply do remodeling. With a Hallen display case you can move or pick up your display case without having to worry about safety clips or other fasteners breaking or coming loose, causing everything to fall on the floor and shatter?… Our special design actually using no clips or fasteners allowing you to carefully move your entire display case as one piece rather than several separate pieces.


Your display case comes equipped with two access options. The removable top cover gives you a safer, faster and much easier way to access your display from the top. Simply lift up the independent top cover with the glass and remove it. No cutting yourself and less chance of breaking the glass and having the pieces fall inside your case, possibly damaging your collectible. You can also gain access to your display by carefully lifting up and/or removing the complete wood and glass frame from the mounting base as one complete unit….

The Glass

You have decided where you’re going to place your display case only you’re unsure of the best type of glass suited in that area. You can select the glass for your display case from several types (glass not included). Want or need a reflective back ground behind your display piece? Simply add a mirror in place of the back piece of glass. To much natural light entering your display case and you want less? Change your glass to smoked or tinted glass. Worried about sun light reaching your collectible? Simply exchange the piece of glass you need or all of your glass with UV glass.

About Us

With a Hallen Display Case everyone will have a 360 degree view of your display piece. You have the opportunity to own a display case that graces any setting as it compliments your collectible with an elegant and distinctive charm nothing else can quite duplicate. As previous customers already know and you will discover, when you display your collectible in a Hallen display case it draws attention and becomes the focal point in any room.   

Why do Collectors, Modelers, Hobbyists and Businesses from around the world find a Hallen display case so appealing?  Imagine owning a display case that enhances the beauty of your collectible while it protects it…  a display case you can easily replace the glass should it be damaged and interchange glass types if you simply want change… a display case with free air ventilation to help protect your collectible and two separate accesses to your display piece. How about a display case with quality, distinction and craftsmanship. These are simply a few features you get with our Display Cases.    

Whether you’re a business, serious collector, own just one precious collectible or simply searching for the idea gift, there is nothing more appropriate and desirable than a Traditional Classic wood and glass style display case, with a 360 degree view of your collectible to showcase your Antique Toys, Dolls, Collectible Trains and cars, Tall Ship, Boat, Military Models, Collectibles, Dioramas, taxidermist creation, scale model airplanes and the list goes on… You won’t be disappointed in our display cases “Guaranteed”!


Q. I’ve been looking at several display cases and even though I like your display cases I am drawn more to the ones I’ve looked at that have seamless plastic cover tops sitting on a wood or plastic base.  All the one’s I’ve looked at are pretty much in the same cost range, including yours. However, a friend of mine told me cases with plastic covers have no ventilation and do more damage than they give protection.  Can you tell me if he’s right or wrong? 

A. Yes, your friend is correct. Unless the display case has a system controlling and regulating the climate inside it a display case must provide ventilation in order to decrease deterioration. No matter what you put inside a display case i.e. wood, painted metal like iron on a model ship, cloth on a doll, etc. without ventilation damage can happen over time that can be costly and even beyond repair. I hope this answers your question…..  

Q. I have purchased several display cases from you, most of them during your special offers. I have noticed that you haven’t had any or as many discounts or special offers lately. Can you tell me if you are still giving them and if so when is your next one?

A. Yes, we still offer seasonal specials and several other kinds of special offers, just not as often. As for our next one….We have people asking us this same question almost daily and we wish that we could give you a date of our next special. However, we never know when until just a few days before we do. When one of our suppliers gives us a substanual savings on hardwood, materials or supplies we normally pass that savings onto customers in the form of a special offer. Lately most of our suppliers have gone up in their prices as much as 125 percent. All we can suggest right now is to keep checking back with us from time to time. If we have a special offer taking place someone will tell you when you ask or when you go to place your order.  

Q. I don’t see the size display case I need listed on your web site. Can you get other sizes?

A. Yes, sort of! Since we actually build our display cases, we can offer just about any size, or height you require as long as it’s within the carriers accepted measurements. We will gladly work with you on deciding the size you need and what it will cost. Simply follow the procedures for requesting a price quote for special or custom display cases located near the top of our “How To Order” page.

Q.  Do all of your display cases come with the removable top cover?

A. No… we do offer some display cases that do not require a removable top. Because of their size smaller display cases are much easier to access without having to remove the top piece of glass. The top cover is a special feature designed to eliminate possible damage to your display and display case by allowing you to simply remove both the top-cover and glass as one piece. It also provides you with a much faster and easier access from the top.

Q.  What is the purpose of ventilating a display case?

A.  Preservation by reducing deterioration! When designing our display cases we took into consideration the problem of deterioration. All things go through this process at some rate and some faster than others. To help retard deterioration we allow “free air” into our display cases. This air enters between the lower case frame and base as well as the corner posts. Display cases with the removable top cover also allow “free air” to enter between the removable top-cover and the upper frame. As long as the room is well ventilated these areas allow sufficient air to enter and exchange naturally within the case on a daily basis. A display case measuring 36″ inches square requires the equivalent of a 1″ hole to provide adequate ventilation. A fan, open window or central air will help supply adequate air circulation in a room. 

Q.  Hi Herb! I placed my order today. can you tell me how long it will be before I receive my display case? My address is……. …. …….. ……

A.  Normally a display case will be built and shipped to a customer in as little as 10 working days from the time we receive the order in the mail. However, during certain times of the year and depending on the size of the display case the completion time can and will change dramatically. As for how long before you receive your display case…. The arrival time by carriers to a customer varies according to the size of the display case, destination, the weight and method it was shipped ( i.e. first class, air freight, priority, etc.).   

Q.  Thank you for your prompt reply to my questions. I have one more question I would like to ask you before I place my order. Is the base of the display case made from pressed board or a veneer plywood… or… is it solid wood like the display case?

A.  Every display case comes with a solid wood base. We do not use veneer plywood, film coated pressed board, plastic or anything other than solid wood for our display case bases.

Q.  I have found a display case on your website that comes close to the size I need. I only need 2 of the measurements made smaller. Can I send the money for that display case and just change the measurements to make it smaller?

A.  Even though it would probably be easier for you to do it that way, the answer I’m sorry to say is no!  When an order arrives the information is checked several times. If an order is for a standard display case but the measurements do not match then it must be checked to find out why. That causes a delay in filling the order and can take as much as a week for complete verification. If you email us the measurements of the size display case you need, we will gladly give you a price quote. Best of all, being a smaller size you’ll save yourself money.

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